DJ Residents Grizzly Bar



Real Name: Arkhipov Evgeny (age 33).
Country: Russian Federation.
City: Saint Petersburg, Russia.
Performing since: 2000
Format: Vinyl,CD
Style of music: club house, deep-house, Tech–house, nu-disco Art-Director of the best club in St.Petersburg - Estrada
Residence: Estrada (St.Petersburg),GRIZZLY BAR (St.Petersburg)

Ex residence: Pacha Bridge lounge(St.Petersburg),Pesok(Petersburg), Blesk(Petersburg),Paradise beach(St.Petersburg), The Club (ex DEcadance,Saint-Petersburg),Jazz bar(Chelyabinsk),Club Paradise (Tour dance festival,Egypt), The Club (ex DEcadance,Saint-Petersburg), Platinum(Kaliningrad)

Behind this indecent name hides a charmer, Evgeny Arkhipov, who is known in the city of Peter the Great by his sharp and well arranged mixes. His music is always positive and even the least expected tunes will play together as one. He is the lover of popular club-music stylesHis career started in 1999 when the night club culture was still at its rise in Russia. Even then everybody knew he will have a great success as a DJ due to his talent and the right attitude. He is always very selective about the tracks he plays and every record has to be something special to get into his collection. First started dj-ing as a hobby it soon became a big part of his life. According to the mood of the crowd he will play the right track and make it sound great in the atmosphere of the party.

From 2003 to 2005 Evgeny was polishing his DJ-skills on the local radio “Dinamit-FM”. During his DJ career he has played at numerous events both at local clubs and throughout Russia and foreign countries. Here and there he shared the turntables with the worldwide stars such as : Steve Lawler(UK),Hi-Tack(NL),Seamus Haji(UK), Tom Novy (DE),Shapeshifters (DE),Tocadisco (DE),Syke'N'Sugarstarr (DE),Sandy Rivera(Uk),Vincent Vega(Ministry of sound,Germany),Oliver Lang(Bora-Bora,Ibiza),Cozi Costi(UK,voice of D.Guetta),D.Ramirez(UK),Axwell(Sweden),Angel Linde(Spain), Oliver MacGregor (label Plastic Fantastic, UK), Christian Fischer (Definition records, Germany), Dr Kucho (Spain),MC Pryme (NL), Mike Monday(Paradise Soul,UK),Plump DJ's(UK),Filterheadz(Belgium),Andy Price(UK,Cream,Amnesia),SS(UK,London),Hoxton Whores(Uk),Erick Decks(Germany),Wally Lopez(Spain),Lee Fields(Voice of Martin Solveig,UK),Out work(Italy),Kiko Navarro(pacha,Ibiza),Bodyrox(UK),Sarah Main(Pacha,Ibiza),Till West(Germany),K-Klass(uk),Klaas(Germany),Mischa Daniels(Germany),Mark Knight(UK),Jazzy M(uk),Add2basket(Hungary),Jay Lumen(Hungary),Ian Oliver(Germany),Thomas Gold(Germany),Flashbrothers(Israel),Martin Ten Velden(Nl),Peter Gelderblom(Nl),Chris Ortega(DE),Sander Kleinenberg(NL),Jody Wisternoff(UK),Sebastien Leger(FR),Richard Dinsdale(UK),King Roc(uk),Milk & Sugar(De),MC Fabio(It),Matt Darey(UK),Paul Harris(UK),Underworld(UK),Peyton(UK),John Digweed(UK),ATB(DE), Claes Rosen(SWE),Interplay(NL),Kaskade(UK), Faithless(UK),Roger Sanches(USA),Ben Ofoedu(UK),Terri B(UK),Sam Obernik (UK), K-Maro(FR),GIOM (FR) and many others. He was the DJ resident of “Pacha Bridge Lounge” club in Saint-Petersburg. He has performed at big Pacha events such as Pure Pacha (with Pete Tong and Angel Linde) & Pacha 40th anniversary - Summer Session (with Richard Grey and Steve Edwards), at MX Tronica and Ministry of Sound club nights, Cream & Amnesia events.

Evgeny has a lot of tours nowadays but is always open to the new experience and trips. He has already visited many Russian cities & Foreign countries and played at their best clubs:Egypt(Pacha,Little-Buddha),Vilnus(Pacha),Helsinki(Ky-Klubi,DTM,Imperia),New-York(Sullivan Room),Nebar (Alma-Ata,Kazakhstan),Suzi Wong club (Beijing,China),Pulse (Riga,Latvia), Cat House (Tallin,Estonia) ... Wherever he goes his music is always fresh and emotional. His main idea of DJ-ing is to make people happy and with no doubt he does it to the best!



Vladimir Skorotsky - multiformat dj, delicately feel the mood of the public. Skill honed in the most prestigious clubs in Kaliningrad - «Little Buddha Kaliningrad» and «Universal». More than 10 years led the popular authors entertainment shows on the radio. Currently a resident of American cuisine restaurant «Grizzly Bar». Moreover, it sets sound in all Russian stores of Italian fashion houses «SoDa», St. Petersburg's popular bars and trendy ethers Internet radio stations.



(Deep, Tech, House, Nu Disco, Indie Dance)

DJ Rinat Latif started his career in 1997 playing latin, rock, pop, rock ’n’ roll, retro (70s, 80’s & 90‘s), disco, electronic, rhythm ‘n’ blues in the “Tribunal Bar” club. Such a great variety of styles displays the ability to be different from set to set depending on what the audience is up to. Funky-house, progressive, electro, tech, naked-house, chill-house, deep-house, lounge, oriental, latin-house, r’n’b have been played by Rinat in the best clubs of Saint-Petersburg and many other clubs in Russia. Rinat had been a desired DJ and even a resident at such prominent clubs as Pacha Bridge Lounge, Pesok, Paradise Beach, Blesk, La Plage, Absinth, Onegin, Opium, Ginza, Jet Set, Zima-Leto Bar, Ludovic, Rich, Shine, Queens, Escobar, Plaza, Al Capone, Apollo, Arena, Arena2, Arena3, Arena4, Shatush, Ginza, Nikki Beach, Terassa, Jet Set Beach and High Dive Beach.

DJ Rinat Latif has taken part in the same events with Kolombo, Sharam Jey, Lou Lou Players, Sharam (Deep Dish), Pete Tong, Sander Kleinenberg, Seb Fontaine, Danny Howells, Sebastien Leger, Paul Jackson, Richard Dinsdale, Mark Knight, Jazzy M, King Roc, Tania Von Pear, Seamus Haji, Ian Oliver, Klaas, Jay Lumen, Mischa Daniels, Thomas Gold, Chriss Ortega, Till West, Flash Brothers, Sarah Main, Axwell, D Ramirez, Richard Grey, Lisa Millet, Steve Edwards (Bob Sinclar’s Live PA), Angel Linde, JCA (Jean Claude Ades), Horny United & Guru Da Beat, Oliver Lang, Vincent Vega, Global Deejays, MC Fabio Costantino, Stonebridge, Coronabros, Tonnic (Narcotic Thrust’s Live PA), Lee Fields, Cozi Costi, Katherine Ellis, Wally Lopez, Erik Decks, Hoxton Whores, Kiko Navarro, Juan Diaz, Lima (the voice of Tom Novy), Jazzamor (Germany), Shena (Junior Jack’s live PA), Technotronic, Ultra Nate, Alphaville, Rouge Rouge, U96, Mike MH-4, DJ Alex Van Oostrom (Holland), Malik Alary (Hôtel Costes - Paris), Crazy P (UK), has played at the party for Lenny Kravitz, Bryan Ferry, Pet Shop Boys, has been a Headliner at DJ Parade Fight Fest 2 festival (in Magnitogorsk city, Russia). Rinat has also played at the presentational events of brand new models of BMW and Audi and has released special mixes for them.

He had his own radio programme called “Bikini House” on Radio Record, were he played summer beach house music. Rinat has also taken part in the global events organized by Radio Record and in the opening parties of the wealthiest fitness centers.

DJ Rinat Latif was hosted by the “Elemental Underground” program on Frisky Radio ( in San-Francisco (USA) оn 10th September 2008 and “Frisky loves Russia” оn 14th February 2009

Also, he was hosted by the French radio ( by the “Inhibition 007 with DJ Ichtus & Rinat Latif” program.

His New Years’s Eve live mix ,from Little Buddha Club in Hurghada (Egypt), was translated on radio Nile FM 104.2 in Cairo (Egypt) on the 3rd January 2008 “The Hot Mix (by DJ Carlos) “

His remix on Vincent Vega – Aldebaran People (Rinat Latif mix) has been released on Slammin Muzik & Decks Tracks (Germany) on the following compilation - Slammin Muzik Session Germany (House Music All Night Long) and can be downloaded from:,,,

He has performed at Pacha events such as Pure Pacha (with Pete Tong and Angel Linde) & Pacha 40th anniversary - Summer Session (with Richard Grey and Steve Edwards), at MX Tronica club nights, at Fashion Raves (Alex House), at fashion shows of LMA (Lukovsky Model Agency) and Len-concert events (Moto-trial Championship).

Rinat’s DJ sets were evaluated by the critics and worshippers of “fashionable music” at the fashion shows of House of Rasputin, L`Oreal, Wella,




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