Food menu


New-york | steak
250g ~ 990р

Papper | steak
Striploin with spices
250g ~ 990р

Ribeye | steak
260g ~ 1190р

Grizzly | steak
Our special fine ribeye steak from shef
300g ~ 1290р

Beefsteak with egg
with hash browns and Adzhika sauce (traditional Caucasian spicy sauce)
270/100/40g ~ 395р

Beefstroganoff with mushrooms
and mashed potatoes
210/190/20g ~ 449р

Beef medallion with bacon
with brine cheese and vegetable salad
190/80g ~ 480р

Филе миньон
Fillet Mignon
with cranberry sauce and potato salad with pickled cucumbers
150/150/40g ~ 590р

Острые ребрышки Аризона
Spicy Arizona-style pork ribs
with grilled vegetables
450/100/190g ~ 695р

Корейка на кости
Loin on bone
with baby potatoes and BBQ sauce
240/110/40g ~ 495р

Pork ribs in meat sauce
with potato slices
450/150/40g ~ 695р


Grizzly burger 12см
Big burger with two juicy cutlets, bacon, caramelized onions, rosemary aioli, cheddar, pickled cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce
440g ~ 495р

Кантри бургер
Сountry burger 10см
with pickled cucumber, Gouda cheese and caramelized onion
210g ~ 320р

Вилладж бургер
Village burger 10см
with crispy bacon, pork cutlet and fried egg
245g ~ 320р

Ракета бургер
Rocket burger 10см
with two juicy cutlets, roasted sweet pepper and bacon
320g ~ 395р

Чикен Премиум
Chicken premium burger 10см
with grilled chicken steak, fresh tomatoes, lettuce and Cheddar cheese
280g ~ 360р

Король дорог
with giant beef cutlet, roasted pepper
380g ~ 480р

Рашен бургер
with a big juicy cutlet, mushrooms, pickled cucucmber and sour cream
285g ~ 429р

with beef cutlet, spicy sauce, green mayonnaise, sweet pepper and mozzarella
250g ~ 320р

with melted cheese, beef сutlet, fresh tomatoes and red onion rings
235g ~ 289р

Чикен бургер
with chicken cutlet, сurry sauce, bacon and lettuce
215g ~ 289р

For all to share!

Our big-enough-to share platter features: spicy butterflied shrimp, Calamari Rings, crispy Onion Rings, fried Mozzarella, corn on the cobb with garlic oil, potato slices, nachos with cheese sauce, Cheddar cheese balls. Served with spicy Salsa, special sauce from our chef, sour cream
1000g ~ 980р

A big platter of snacks - crispy Baffulo Wings, Chiken Fingers, chiken & cheese quesadillas, nachos with cheese sauce, crispy onion rings - served with Guacomole and sour cream
700g ~ 890р
Гризли сэмплер


Crispy fried potato slices and potato Dippers with three sauces
240/120g ~ 295р

Potatoes slices Texas fried with bacon and cheese
340/40g ~ 295р

Sticks of soft mozzarella, fried in breadcrumbs with two sauces and Cole Slaw
130/120g ~ 345р

Crispy squid rings with Marinara sauce, Mexican salsa and Cole Slaw
140/120g ~ 329р

Crispy onion rings with two sauces and Cole Slaw
100/120g ~ 190р

Chicken breast in a crispy crust with Cole Slaw and 1000 Islands sauce
100/40/40g ~ 249р

Spicy Buffalo wings with Cole Slaw, BBQ sauce or sour cream
300/40/40g ~ 365р
XXL 600/40/40g ~ 565р

Crispy nachos with spicy meat sauce tomatoes, jalapeno peppers, cheese and Guacomole sauce
200/70/40g ~ 295р

Rye toast with garlic and herbs
140g ~ 170р


Grizzly Beef Steak salad
420/30g ~ 429р

Classic Waldorf
230g ~ 320р

Tender ham with red beans, rye croutons and tomatoes
200g ~ 269р

Cobb salad with turkey, chicken, bacon, fresh vegetables, lettuce and two cheeses
330g ~ 395р

Olivier (traditional Russian salad) with roast beef
200g ~ 190р

California salad with roasted salmon herbal and fresh vegetables
210g ~ 290р

Caesar salad:
with grilled chicken
215g ~ 329р
with grilled salmon
215g ~ 390р
with grilled prawns
215g ~ 440р

Greek salad with farm Feta cheese
260g ~ 295р

Philadelphia cheese and prawns salad
230g ~ 390р


Grizzly Club Sandwich with ham, cheese and fresh vegetables + sauce
295g ~ 295р

Salmon Sandwich with cucumber, tomato and lettuce + sauce
280g ~ 280р

Сhicken Sandwich with cheese and fresh tomatoes + sauce
215g ~ 285р

Salmon wrap in tortilla + sauce
250g ~ 265р

Crispy chiken wrap in tortilla + sauce
300g ~ 265р

Shaverma - middle-east style chiken or beef wrap in tortilla + sauce
230/30/40g ~ 249р


with bacon and cream sauce
300g ~ 349р

with chicken, ceps, vegetables and basil sauce
300g ~ 395р

with fried prawns, tomatoes and cream sauce
300g ~ 470р


with mozzarella
350g ~ 295р

with bacon, egg and mozzarella
450g ~ 429р

with chiken and broccoli
450g ~ 380р

Hawaiian pizza
with chiken, ananas and corn
450g ~ 380р

Chiken BBQ pizza
with bacon and mozzarella
450g ~ 495р

with roast beef, bacon
450g ~ 480р

Seafood pizza
with salmon and shrimps
450g ~ 495р

Quattro formaggi pizza
450g ~ 429р

Grizzly pizza
with ham, roast beef, chiken and bacon
450g ~ 590р


Salmon cream
180g ~ 169р | 300g ~ 229р

Mushroom cream
180g ~ 169р | 300g ~ 229р

Rich Oxtail soup
180g ~ 169р | 300g ~ 229р

Cream soup with seafood
180g ~ 169р | 300g ~ 229р

Hot Mexico

with chicken
290/120/120g ~ 440р
with farm beef
290/120/120g ~ 489р
with salmon and prawns
290/120/120g ~ 540р

Burritos with beef and vegetables
with salsa, guacamole and sour cream
280/40/40/40g ~ 380р

Enchilados with 4 cheeses
served with vegetable salsa and Guacamole sauce
180/40/40g ~ 329р
Enchilados with fried chiken and mushrooms
Served with spicy sauce and sour cream
170/40/40g ~ 329р

Shrimp quesadillas with cheese
served with vegetable salsa, Guacamole sauce and sour cream
200/40/40g ~ 445р
Chicken quesadillas with cheese and tomatoes
served with vegetable salsa, Guacamole sauce and sour cream
200/40/40g ~ 390р

Poultry & Seafood

Combo Jack with chiken and shrimps
in spicy berry marinade. Served on a hot pan with potato slices
250g ~ 445р

Sizzling salmon
fried with vegetables and cheese. Served on a hot pan with mashed potatoes
350g ~ 445р

Salmon baked in foil
sided by steamed vegetables and lemon
100/120g ~ 429р

Grilled prawns with garlic
grilled vegetables and BBQ sauce
за 100g ~ 429р

Chiken fillet sizzling
fried with vegetables and cheese, served with mashed potatoes on a hot pan
330g ~ 395р


Guacamole | 40g ~ 59р

BBQ | 40g ~ 59р

Marinara with tomatoes, olives and garlic | 40g ~ 59р

Caesar | 40g ~ 59р

Honey and Mustard | 40g ~ 59р

Chef sauce with tomatoes | 40g ~ 59р

Cheese sauce | 40g ~ 59р

Sour cream, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard of your choice | 40g ~ 35р


Steak French Fries | 100g ~ 109р

French Fries | 100g ~ 109р

Potato slices | 100g ~ 109р

Hash browns | 100g ~ 149р

Mashed potatoes with cheese and bacon | 150g ~ 160р

Baby potatoes | 150g ~ 160р

Cheese balls with onion | 100g ~ 169р

Grilled vegetables | 200g ~ 189р

Steamed vegetables | 120g ~ 170р

Plate of fresh seasonal vegetables and herbs | 200g ~ 195р

Bread basket
160/20g ~ 65р

Pies and desserts

Cheesecake with berry sauce
120/50g ~ 270р

Chocoate Turtle Pie
150/20g ~ 280р

Big Blueberry pie with whipped cream
180/15g ~ 289р

Apple cobbler with a crisp crust, caramel sauce and ice cream
150/50g ~ 295р

Strawberry pie with creamy vanilla
250g ~ 329р

Hot Chocolate Brownie
140/50g ~ 260р

Almond marzipan rolls with cream cheese and fresh fruit
200g ~ 249р

Cottage cheese desert with marshmallows
250g ~ 195р

Homemade ice cream and seasonal sorbets
(50g) ~ 65р
(100g) ~ 120р
(150g) ~ 170р
  • Burbon vanilla
  • Maple nut
  • Chocolate truffle
  • Strawberry souffle
  • Pistachio praline
  • Berry confiture
  • Juicy pear
  • Raspberry piquant
  • Mango-Passion fruit

Caramel, strawberry, chocolate ~ 15р
Chocolate Brownie crumbs ~ 15р
Hazelnuts, walnuts ~ 20р
Marshmallow ~ 20р

Tea & Сoffee


Espresso | 50ml ~ 99р
Double Espresso | 120ml ~ 149р
Americano | 120ml ~ 129р
Grand Americano | 240ml ~ 160р
Cappuccino | 200ml ~ 160р
Grand Cappuccino | 240ml ~ 195р
Latte | 140ml ~ 180р
Сoffee with ice-cream topping | 140ml ~ 180р
Irish coffee | 140ml ~ 229р
Bailey`s coffee | 140ml ~ 229р
Coffee with cognac | 140ml ~ 229р
Milk | 30ml ~ 25р
Cream | 30ml ~ 35р


Black tea
Assam | 400ml ~ 149р
Earl Grey | 400ml ~ 149р
Black with thyme | 400ml ~ 149р
Green tea
Chinese sencha | 400ml ~ 149р
Jasmine Garden | 400ml ~ 149р
Fruit tea and oolong
Hibiscus and berries | 400ml ~ 189р
Ginger and Lemon | 400ml ~ 189р
Roibos Cream and Caramel | 400ml ~ 189р
Milk Oolong | 400ml ~ 195р
Ginseng Oolong | 400ml ~ 195р


Aqua Minerale | 260ml ~ 129р
Evian still still | 400ml ~ 189р
Badoit sparkling | 400ml ~ 189р

Soft drinks

Fresh juice

Orange | 200ml ~ 169р
Grapefruit | 200ml ~ 169р
Apple | 200ml ~ 169р
Сarrot | 200ml ~ 169р
Сelery | 200ml ~ 169р

Packaged juice

Peach nektar
250ml ~ 95р

Energy drinks

Adrenaline Rush | 0,25L ~ 189р
Adrenaline Nature | 0,25L ~ 189р


Pepsi - cola, Pepsi Light | 0,25L ~ 129р
Mirinda | 0,25L ~ 129р
7 up | 0,25L ~ 129р
Everveis Tonik | 0,25L ~ 149р
Everveis Tonik Lemon | 0,25L ~ 149р
Ginger Ale | 0,25L ~ 149р

Alco-free cocktails

Virgin Mojito
500ml ~ 229р
Alco-free mulled wine
250ml ~ 229р
Fresh Fruit Mix
400ml ~ 229р
400ml ~ 229р
Banana Cream
400ml ~ 195р
400ml ~ 229р
250ml ~ 170р | 400ml ~ 229р
Snickers milkshake
400ml ~ 270р




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